“I’m passionate about creating systems, improving processes and implementing tools that make people’s lives easier, as well as make their work more efficient.”

Ines Roesler,  Founder

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Systems and processes are part of everyday work life, and it makes a big difference how they support us to get our jobs done. I went from being a regular system user, to someone asking for changes and being involved in changes, to finally being the one managing implementations from start to finish.

Designing systems and processes with the user in mind while fulfilling business and technical requirements isn’t easy. But, when this is done well magic happens – users become more effective and efficient, and they are happier using the tool provided. This improves user adoption significantly and therefore makes these implementations more successful.

I started this company to do just that: Providing the bridge between technical and non-technical requirements and stakeholders. We provide outside resource to not only help with project management or system design, but to support you from project design through to user roll out.


Process & System design

Designing processes and systems to achieve your organization’s goals with users as key stakeholders


Hands on support to implement processes
and systems

Project Management

Supporting you to achieve your project goals from project design through to launch and adoption

User enablement

Helping users understand tools and how to get the most out of them

As well as a clear understanding of business processes and organisation, Ines also has a great knowledge of systems and knows how to translate complexity into working solutions. Ines has a thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle from requirements analysis to testing to maintenance, which has made managing projects much easier.

Digby Knight, Sophos

Ines is someone who can talk to the minutiae but always with an eye on the overarching objective. She is uniquely able to see how making a seemingly small change in one area will have an amplified impact on others. I have been impressed with her ability to know the right thing to do even in the face of conflicting objectives, and her continuous advocacy for her stakeholders is impressive and aspirational. And her pragmatism, humor and kind yet no-nonsense approach are a true asset to any project or program management team.

Dawn Jensen, Sophos


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