Changing Behaviour Through Tools


Drive behavioural change and efficiency throughout marketing with the implementation of a new tool to manage all marketing tasks:

  • Encourage strategic planning and prompt requesters for background information to streamline both requests and fulfilment.
  • Consolidate all marketing teams (design, web, operations) into one task management tool to improve efficiency for both corporate and field marketing teams.

Project outcomes

Implemented a new tool, used by all teams, with a custom-built request entry form. Streamlined the process with both requesters and fulfilment teams in mind.


  • Requesters need to keep track of requests that are related
  • Requesters need to provide content provided by one team to another by adding banners etc to new task in new system
  • Vastly different task creation and management workflows and user experience


  • Easy-to-use form, mobile app and website to manage all tasks
  • Tasks are linked to the campaign they were created under
  • Dependencies are visible
  • Elements created in a prior task can be easily accessed from a related task